Very Good - Behavior Award   "Confirmed LIAR"  Award
Excellent - Behavior Award   Investigation perhaps? Award
Very Bad - Behavior Award   False Witness Award
One Of The Worst - Behaviors Award   Behaves.....Just flat Evil Minded Award
Foot In The Mouth Award   CLOWN....and SCARY Award
Little Weasel Award   CLOWN....and just a DUMB ASS Award
American LABOR FRIENDLY Award   Unstable Award
NOT American Labor friendly! Award   No way.....and pretty SAD MENTALLY Award
Obstructionist Politics As Usual Award   Can't RUN Tag
Oh Crap Oh Dear! Award   Incompetence Award
Just down right cool in general! Award   "Half-Blind" SHEEP Award
Way cool work for the working folks Award   "BLIND SHEEP" Award
Dumb Ass Award - Dumb as a box of rocks   Sneaky Jack Ass Award
Dumb Ass Award, But Entertaining   TRUE American Values & Culture Award

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